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By Piece

By Piece

Choose from a vast array of brands that include the lead furniture companies in the industry.
Find the perfect Swivel Lounge for your patio. Select from Brands like Hanamint, Winston, Castelle, Alumont, and many more!
Loveseats are a fantastic addition to any space. Choose from a diverse array of brands to redefine your patio.
Choose from top selling brands and quality companies, to find the perfect sofa to transform your space.
There is nothing like a Chaise Lounge to complete the patio look. Choose from all our quality brands to customize your outdoor space.

The Fire House also offers indoor barstools since we are the Casual Living Store! What better way to spend an evening with friends and family than to gather around the bar or island and chat the night away. Indoor barstools come in two heights typically. Bar height and counter height. Bar height stools are usually 30” high at the seat. Counter height stools range from 24” – 26”.

The best way to figure out which height is right for you is to measure the height to the surface of your bar. Once you have that height in inches, simply subtract 10”-12” to get the correct seat height. For more information about our indoor barstools, stop by The Fire House today.