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The Fire House Casual Living Store offers a wide assortment of high-quality fireplaces for indoor and outdoor living spaces in the Charlotte area. Vented and vent-free options are available in a variety of different styles and sizes. Fire House offers wood-burning and gas log products for customers from Raleigh and Greenville as well. The Fire House offers a variety of beautiful and functional options to fit nearly any need and preference.

High quality direct vent and vent-free options are available for both indoor and outdoor use and can be viewed in any of our four locations in South Caroline. We have a wide selection of options to fit nearly any space, budget and style preference. It’s important to understand that a home doesn’t necessarily need to have a chimney either. Families can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire safely with a vent-free gas option. Of course, there are a variety of traditional vented options to choose from as well. Families will also need to choose between traditional wood-burning fireplaces or gas log options. Our employees are willing to help customers find the perfect fireplace in Charlotte.

Some people just love burning traditional wooden logs. They are considerably more labor intensive to build, but wood-burning fires are loved by many. Firewood needs to be chopped or purchased regularly, and fires need to be tended. It can often take a little while to get them started too. The Fire House carries the prestigious Norwegian Jøtul. This cast iron stove sets the standard for traditional wood fires. We offer firewood and wood burning products in South Carolina so you don't have to pay for shipping. If wood burning fires are just too much trouble, we can help you with a great selection of gas logs for indoor and outdoor use. Vented and vent-free options are available to fit the design needs of nearly any household. Many people are now choosing gas logs, because they are so easy to use. It’s as simple as flipping a switch. Gas fires are clean burning and easy enough to enjoy every evening.

The Fire House offers the widest selection of high-quality fireplaces to customers across the Carolinas. Our helpful customer service staff are happy to assist customers with all of their fireplace needs. Since we purchase directly from the manufacturers we can pass the savings along to you.

Gas logs are a delightful and beautiful way to emulate real wood burning fires with bright burning embers and dancing flames. As an added feature, you can light the pilot, turn the fire on and off, and control the height of the flames with just the touch of a button on a remote control! We offer a variety of gas logs for the Charlotte area.

Vent Free Gas Logs

Vent free, or vent less, gas logs offer heat, create less pollution than vented logs, are 99.9% efficient and are easy to operate. While vent free logs are not as realistic as vented logs, they produce massive amounts of heat. They do not require an open chimney so 100 percent of the heat is kept inside the home, and they use less gas. The specially designed burners burn gas cleanly and produce almost no exhaust, similar to the way a gas range works.

Vented Gas Logs

Vented gas logs, found North Carolina stores, provide tall realistic flames so are quite a decorative addition to your fireplace and to the room, whether it is a living room, family area, bar or study. The flames dance and wrap around the logs like real wood. They are so realistic that you can't tell them apart from a real wood burning fire. Vented gas logs require a fully functional fireplace that is able to burn real wood. Also, since the logs are designed to operate with an open damper, most of the heat that they generate escapes up the chimney, so they are not as heat efficient as the vent free logs.

Call or stop by The Fire House today to discuss the benefits of these gas logs and ask any questions you may have. Find the perfect gas log and fireplace at one our stores in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greenville Find out more about why you will enjoy these top quality specialty fireplace fixtures from top manufacturers.

Create the absolute perfect ambiance with gas logs that exemplify eloquence and quality. Select from the leading brands that include Empire, RH Peterson, Hargrove and Heatmaster among others.

Direct Vent Fireplaces--Attractive, Functional, and Inviting
A warm, crackling fire can be a cozy, welcoming retreat on cold and rainy afternoons in the Carolinas. Little else is as relaxing as sitting in front of the fire reading a good book. Direct vent fireplaces found in our Charlotte locations, can provide this with less mess. They have become more and more popular with homeowners since they provide the look of a real wood burning fire with the heat of a furnace. Direct vents are heater rated and can be used as a primary source of heat. You can enjoy your fireplace on a winter day and still get the heat you need to be comfortable. Here at The Fire House Casual Living Store, we provide some of the most efficient fireplaces available around Raleigh, Greenville, and Charlotte, from manufactures such as Mendota Hearth, Empire and Napoleon.

What Are Direct Vent Fireplaces?
Unlike a typical fireplace that is structured with an open front, a direct vent fireplace vents more directly. This type of fireplace does not require a full chimney but is designed to vent horizontally via a sidewall or vertically, similar to the traditional style fireplace, through the roof. Fashioned to be more efficient, the burning chamber in a direct vent fireplace is completely enclosed. This holds and controls the heat to gain higher efficiency. This system also effectively uses outside air for combustion and, likewise, releases all gases outside.

As a direct vent fireplace functions using radiant and convective heat, this fireplace style offers so many benefits to the customer. Rather than having an open flame that draws oxygen from the room and expels gas simultaneously, radiant heat simply allows heat to flow through the glass enclosure of the direct vent fireplace. This enclosed fireplace also prevents particles from being released into your home, allowing for better air quality.

What Are the Advantages of A Direct Vent Fireplace?
Just as ambient as a regular fireplace, a direct vent fireplace offers a variety of advantages over a traditional gas fireplace.

  • Less chimney—The direct vent fireplace does not require vertical termination, so installation can be much easier and cheaper.
  • Radiant Heat—Radiant heat simply feels better. The glass enclosure on the direct vent fireplace encases the flame and does not take oxygen from the room. This type of heat can be felt even in rooms with tall ceilings.
  • Zone Heating - Find perfect direct vent fireplaces in North Carolina, which can be used to heat the rooms you use on a daily basis and not heat the rooms you don't use. This saves you a ton of money.
  • Beautiful, Realistic Look - Companies like Mendota have unsurpassed realism while still giving a maximum amount of heat.


As is apparent, a direct vent fireplace is an excellent choice in terms of heating as well as décor. Selecting the most luxurious fireplace, in North or South Carolina, is the hard part. The Fire House offers a wide range of direct vent fireplaces including Mendota, Empire, and Napoleon. From rustic to sleek and modern, The Fire House has a look and style for everyone. Plus, with our guarantee to service and customer satisfaction, you won’t find a better place to purchase your new fireplace.

Direct Vent Inserts--The Best of Both Worlds!

Getting the most from an existing fireplace is the top priority for a lot of people. With the increasing costs of fuel, using an energy-efficient alternative is an exciting option. However, even though efficiency may be the top priority, most individuals don’t want to have to sacrifice luxury at the cost of proficiency. Direct vent inserts offer the best of both worlds. These fireplace inserts present the unique opportunity for effective heating while playing on the preexisting attraction of a custom fireplace setting. With the options available from The Fire House, you’ll wonder why you didn’t change over your heating unit sooner.

The Benefits
Ignited by a switch or remote, a direct vent insert offers the warmth and ambience of a traditional fireplace without the smoke and soot. Designed to be more efficient, direct vent inserts offer a variety of other advantages as well.

  1. Convenience
    Utilizing the fireplace you already have and not taking up valuable space, a direct vent insert can be installed into any wood burning fireplace.
  2. Efficiency
    These inserts are designed with a closed system, which draws air from the outside for combustion and expels gases outside. As such, no warm air is redirected outside of the home, and no soiled air is directed into the home. Many of our inserts boast 80% efficiency ratings!
  3. Safety
    Adding another level of safety, these inserts remedy the problem of exhaust by redirecting all used, soiled air outside of the home. This element means that no gases or fumes will end up back in your home.

The Options Available from The Fire House Casual Living Store

Priding ourselves in the most versatile products with the greatest variety of options, The Fire House extends this concept into direct vent inserts as well. With varieties of inserts from the top names in direct vent heating including Mendota, Empire, and Napoleon, The Fire House has something for everyone. From the Empire Innsbrook to the Napoleon GDIZC and the Mendota Fullview Series, we have a look and style for every home.

If you are looking for a convenient, efficient, safe and stylish heating options, consider a direct vent insert. You won’t be disappointed, and with service from The Fire House, you’ll know you make the right choice.

There is no easier way to add a beautiful gas fireplace to your home in Raleigh or Greenville, than by purchasing a vent free gas fireplace. No venting is needed, only a gas line ran to the unit. This makes it an ideal product for many unique applications. While vent free gas fireplaces cannot be added to most bedrooms and bathrooms, they are perfect as a focal point in living rooms, dining rooms and great rooms. Need some extra heat in your basement? Do it with style with this gas fireplace.

We have a large selection of vent free gas fireplaces for homes in North Carolina. You can also shop for gas logs at our Charlotte and other store locations. Most of these units have matching fireplace mantels that finish the look. You can even choose your stain finish or paint color. Visit us today to see our selection and learn more from our experienced staff.

Vent free fireplace Inserts offer supreme comfort in heating for a fraction of the price that traditional fireplaces cost. At The Fire House, our extensive selection of supreme inserts are sure to meet your individual needs and match the décor in your Carolina home. We select a vast selection at cost-efficient prices to afford you the finest according to your budgetary and individual needs. Explore the extensive selection of vent free fireplace inserts, at our Charlotte and Raleigh locations, to meet the needs of your home.

Vent free fireplace inserts efficiently heat a home due to their unique design. They accomplish the look and feel of a fireplace, but are more efficient at a reduced price. This cuts down on the need to purchase increased amounts of fuel. They also burn more efficiently by avoiding the causation of build-up deposits. Small vents underneath allow for fresh air to enter the heating cavities of the insert and vents on the top allow for heat to escape. Blowers are often included to force the hot air out more quickly. Our vent free inserts not only burn efficiently, they look better and more realistic than our competitions.

Depending upon the type of insert desired, certain features, such as thermostatic controls and fans, may be obtained. The wide selection in finishes, styles, brands and other distinguishing features make choosing one quick and easy. Inserts provide an aesthetic focal point in the room and instantly enhance the look of any room. There is no need to look further than our selection in North or South Carolina.

Our continued dedication to the community puts the customer first and provides beautiful inserts at affordable prices. We are able to provide the best service in our industry due to our customer relations, superb location in connection to manufacturers and our extensive knowledge in the industry. Not only is our supply designed to meet your needs, but we offer the best quality to ensure your selection fits your needs. Discover what a vent free fireplace insert in Charlotte that can do for your home.


Many of our customers are looking for an easy way to add a fireplace to their home. Electric fireplaces not only make it easy, they now look more realistic than ever! A decade ago, these fireplaces were only good for a laugh, but now technology and LED lighting have inspired our industry to embrace this option. Among the most popular are wall hanging electric fireplaces with a more modern styling. Beyond looking good, they are extremely easy to install, just plug it in. We also carry electric fireplace inserts that can simply be placed into an existing masonry or prefab fireplace. Visit us and see how a new electric fireplace can change the entire mood of your room.

Electric fireplaces can be found in South Carolina at one of our store locations. You can find the perfect fireplace without having to do any serious construction. They are easy to install and control.

Outdoor fireplaces have become the new craze of our industry especially in the Carolinas. Many of our customers are building outdoor rooms consisting of an area designated for either an outdoor gas fireplace or wood fireplace. This makes for a great way to entertain family and friends and to enjoy the wonderful climate of Charlotte all year long. If you are looking for an outdoor patio fireplace in South Carolina, at a fraction of the cost of a custom built unit, look no further. We have fireboxes made of stainless steel that are intended to withstand even the harshest of environments around the Carolina coast. We are the experts so visit us today.

Create a backyard experience for you home in South or North Carolina. We have several different locations from Charlotte to Raleigh. Browse our selection of outdoor fireplaces in South Carolina or shop our website.

Whether you are in the process of building a new home, renovation of your current home or just want to replace your old fireplace that does not meet your needs, you may want to purchase a firebox. These have many names including firebox, prefab box or even zero clearance (zc) fireplace. The Fire House offers these in both gas and wood burning. Gas options include direct vent, vent free and natural vent or B vent. Browse our collections here and stop by your local showroom to learn more. We want to help you make an informed decision as to what is best for your needs.

Stay warm during the colder months and create a soothing atmosphere for your friends or family. Fireboxes are great for adding the extra something easily. Visit our stores in North or South Carolina to shop for fireboxes. Purchase a wood or gas fireboxes easily from one of our four locations.

Experience the warmth and spirit of a quality wood stove. Whether you want a free standing wood stove as an addition to any room or a wood burning insert for your existing fireplace, our wood stoves are the highest quality. Most models boast 75% efficiency or more, putting more heat into your home and saving you money on your utility bills. Stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today to see how a wood stove can give you the look you want and save you money!

We have a variety of freestanding wood stoves for sale in our Carolina store locations. These stoves are great for warming up your home in South Carolina. Freestanding wood stoves can help you conserve energy and save money on your heating bill. We offer installation tips and tricks to make the process of purchasing a wood stove easy for you.

See both direct vent and vent free gas stoves. This is one of the easiest ways to add ambiance and heat to your house without major reconstruction. Gas stoves can be made out of several materials, but we have found that cast iron will not only give you better heat, it is a beautiful piece of furniture to be admired by all. Choose from multiple finish options to customize the right look for you.

Gas stoves are perfect for you Carolina home. Winters can be brisk and cold in South Carolina so make your home warm and cozy with a new stove. We have a variety of options that can work with your home and room layout. Browse our selection of vent and vent free gas stoves at one of our South or North Carolina locations.

At The Fire House Casual Living Store, we believe in offering high quality products at the best values possible. During the fall and winter seasons, we have the largest selection of fireplace screens and toolsets at our Charleston and other locations. These fireplace accessories are needed to have a safe and beautiful wood burning fire. The screens help provide a barrier to prevent hot sparks from popping out onto your floor. The toolsets allow you to easily control the fire and to clean up after the fire has burned out. We have many customers who purchase the fireplace accessories for gas burning fires as well. You can add beauty and realism to your gas logs with a number of great options. Visit us today to learn more.

Purchase your fireplace accessories from one of our four locations in North and South Carolina. Whether you want to spruce up your new or current fireplace, make sure you have the necessary items to maintain it. Keep your fireplace looking like new and add a little bit of design with our stylish tool sets!

The very presence of a fireplace elevates the ambience of a room. It becomes the focal point and influences every decorating decision. A premium quality fireplace glass door is like a frame around a masterpiece of art. Our fireplace glass doors offer you a fashionable range of affordable choices from contemporary to traditional with finishes to match. Let the doors from The Firehouse Casual Living Store open your home to a new sense of style.

Fireplace glass doors can be found at any of our North and South Carolina locations. You can browse our fireplace doors in Charlotte and other cities. We only provide the highest quality of glass to ensure you get the best experience. South Carolina can be cold and save on heat with a fireplace with an add glass door.