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Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent Fireplaces--Attractive, Functional, and Inviting
A warm, crackling fire can be a cozy, welcoming retreat on cold and rainy afternoons in the Carolinas. Little else is as relaxing as sitting in front of the fire reading a good book. Direct vent fireplaces found in our Charlotte locations, can provide this with less mess. They have become more and more popular with homeowners since they provide the look of a real wood burning fire with the heat of a furnace. Direct vents are heater rated and can be used as a primary source of heat. You can enjoy your fireplace on a winter day and still get the heat you need to be comfortable. Here at The Fire House Casual Living Store, we provide some of the most efficient fireplaces available around Raleigh, Greenville, and Charlotte, from manufactures such as Mendota Hearth, Empire and Napoleon.

What Are Direct Vent Fireplaces?
Unlike a typical fireplace that is structured with an open front, a direct vent fireplace vents more directly. This type of fireplace does not require a full chimney but is designed to vent horizontally via a sidewall or vertically, similar to the traditional style fireplace, through the roof. Fashioned to be more efficient, the burning chamber in a direct vent fireplace is completely enclosed. This holds and controls the heat to gain higher efficiency. This system also effectively uses outside air for combustion and, likewise, releases all gases outside.

As a direct vent fireplace functions using radiant and convective heat, this fireplace style offers so many benefits to the customer. Rather than having an open flame that draws oxygen from the room and expels gas simultaneously, radiant heat simply allows heat to flow through the glass enclosure of the direct vent fireplace. This enclosed fireplace also prevents particles from being released into your home, allowing for better air quality.

What Are the Advantages of A Direct Vent Fireplace?
Just as ambient as a regular fireplace, a direct vent fireplace offers a variety of advantages over a traditional gas fireplace.

  • Less chimney—The direct vent fireplace does not require vertical termination, so installation can be much easier and cheaper.
  • Radiant Heat—Radiant heat simply feels better. The glass enclosure on the direct vent fireplace encases the flame and does not take oxygen from the room. This type of heat can be felt even in rooms with tall ceilings.
  • Zone Heating - Find perfect direct vent fireplaces in North Carolina, which can be used to heat the rooms you use on a daily basis and not heat the rooms you don't use. This saves you a ton of money.
  • Beautiful, Realistic Look - Companies like Mendota have unsurpassed realism while still giving a maximum amount of heat.


As is apparent, a direct vent fireplace is an excellent choice in terms of heating as well as décor. Selecting the most luxurious fireplace, in North or South Carolina, is the hard part. The Fire House offers a wide range of direct vent fireplaces including Mendota, Empire, and Napoleon. From rustic to sleek and modern, The Fire House has a look and style for everyone. Plus, with our guarantee to service and customer satisfaction, you won’t find a better place to purchase your new fireplace.

Direct vent fireplaces are the perfect combination of ambiance and heat output. Empire has a large lineup of direct vent products. While some direct vent fireplaces can be expensive, Empire has units that are budget friendly yet much higher quality than a typical builder grade fireplace. They have the Tahoe series in Deluxe, Premium and Luxury packages as well as the Chateau, Boulevard linear and the Forest Hills fireplace. If you are building or simply wanting to replace what you currently have, we can help.

Mendota luxury gas fireplaces are custom built for you since 1901. Mendota is known as the finest gas fireplace in the industry and is nationally acclaimed for its beautiful log fire.

Mendota Gas Fireplaces

Many people dream of having a fireplace installed in their home. However, many people also do not want to deal with the labor that goes into having a traditional wood-burning stove. Traditional wood-burning stoves require you to obtain firewood on a regular basis and tend to your fire by building it when necessary and stoking it. If you are looking for an easy alternative with the same amount of heat, a direct vent fireplace is a great option. The piping can be much easier to install and quite a bit less expensive, depending on your exact situation. These types of fireplaces are heater rated just like a gas furnace, so you can expect plenty of heat radiated into the room. Mendota direct vent gas fireplaces are the perfect combination of luxury and functionality.

Napoleon Direct Vent Fireplaces not only heat up a large portion of your home, they look like a real woodburning fire. Direct Vent gas products are a safe and efficient way to provide additional heat to the area of your home you use most. Come see us at The Fire House Casual Living Store to learn more.