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Direct Vent Inserts

Direct Vent Inserts

Direct Vent Inserts--The Best of Both Worlds!

Getting the most from an existing fireplace is the top priority for a lot of people. With the increasing costs of fuel, using an energy-efficient alternative is an exciting option. However, even though efficiency may be the top priority, most individuals don’t want to have to sacrifice luxury at the cost of proficiency. Direct vent inserts offer the best of both worlds. These fireplace inserts present the unique opportunity for effective heating while playing on the preexisting attraction of a custom fireplace setting. With the options available from The Fire House, you’ll wonder why you didn’t change over your heating unit sooner.

The Benefits
Ignited by a switch or remote, a direct vent insert offers the warmth and ambience of a traditional fireplace without the smoke and soot. Designed to be more efficient, direct vent inserts offer a variety of other advantages as well.

  1. Convenience
    Utilizing the fireplace you already have and not taking up valuable space, a direct vent insert can be installed into any wood burning fireplace.
  2. Efficiency
    These inserts are designed with a closed system, which draws air from the outside for combustion and expels gases outside. As such, no warm air is redirected outside of the home, and no soiled air is directed into the home. Many of our inserts boast 80% efficiency ratings!
  3. Safety
    Adding another level of safety, these inserts remedy the problem of exhaust by redirecting all used, soiled air outside of the home. This element means that no gases or fumes will end up back in your home.

The Options Available from The Fire House Casual Living Store

Priding ourselves in the most versatile products with the greatest variety of options, The Fire House extends this concept into direct vent inserts as well. With varieties of inserts from the top names in direct vent heating including Mendota, Empire, and Napoleon, The Fire House has something for everyone. From the Empire Innsbrook to the Napoleon GDIZC and the Mendota Fullview Series, we have a look and style for every home.

If you are looking for a convenient, efficient, safe and stylish heating options, consider a direct vent insert. You won’t be disappointed, and with service from The Fire House, you’ll know you make the right choice.

If you have an existing fireplace, but want to get more heat output, you may want to see Empire’s lineup of direct vent inserts. These gas inserts can install into any existing fireplace and provide comfortable heat into your home. Empire has their signature series known as the Innsbrook. It is available in multiple sizes to fit almost any fireplace as well as in standard and luxury models. Empire also has the Loft direct vent insert for a more modern decor. Stop by a Fire House near you to learn more and see our burning displays.

Mendota luxury gas fireplaces are custom built for you since 1901. Mendota is known as the finest gas fireplace in the industry and is nationally acclaimed for its beautiful log fire.

Mendota Gas Inserts

Turn your existing fireplace into a heat producing machine with a direct vent insert from Mendota Hearth. We stock many styles of inserts at The Fire House, stop by to see our large selection. Mendota has the latest technology and the most realist looking direct vent insert.

Napoleon Direct Vent Inserts are a great way to heat your home. Here at The Fire House, we use these efficient inserts to heat our entire store. Napoleon is a leader in the industry and a great option for your fireplace.
Enviro brand heating products are made by Sherwood Industries, located in Saanichton on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Sherwood Industries has an extensive manufacturing facility where they employ cutting edge technologies such as CAD (computer aided design) and a state of the art steel cutting laser, all designed to give you the best design for your home with the highest standards of engineering. In 2011 Enviro added two new units to their “E”series of gas inserts. The E30 and E33 were released simultaneously with a wide selection of burners, liners, and surrounds. Superior quality and attention to detail have provided Sherwood Industries with a competitive advantage. Sherwood Industries is recognized in the industry as having one of the most stringent quality standards.