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Gas Logs

Gas Logs

Gas logs are a delightful and beautiful way to emulate real wood burning fires with bright burning embers and dancing flames. As an added feature, you can light the pilot, turn the fire on and off, and control the height of the flames with just the touch of a button on a remote control! We offer a variety of gas logs for the Charlotte area.

Vent Free Gas Logs

Vent free, or vent less, gas logs offer heat, create less pollution than vented logs, are 99.9% efficient and are easy to operate. While vent free logs are not as realistic as vented logs, they produce massive amounts of heat. They do not require an open chimney so 100 percent of the heat is kept inside the home, and they use less gas. The specially designed burners burn gas cleanly and produce almost no exhaust, similar to the way a gas range works.

Vented Gas Logs

Vented gas logs, found North Carolina stores, provide tall realistic flames so are quite a decorative addition to your fireplace and to the room, whether it is a living room, family area, bar or study. The flames dance and wrap around the logs like real wood. They are so realistic that you can't tell them apart from a real wood burning fire. Vented gas logs require a fully functional fireplace that is able to burn real wood. Also, since the logs are designed to operate with an open damper, most of the heat that they generate escapes up the chimney, so they are not as heat efficient as the vent free logs.

Call or stop by The Fire House today to discuss the benefits of these gas logs and ask any questions you may have. Find the perfect gas log and fireplace at one our stores in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greenville Find out more about why you will enjoy these top quality specialty fireplace fixtures from top manufacturers.

Create the absolute perfect ambiance with gas logs that exemplify eloquence and quality. Select from the leading brands that include Empire, RH Peterson, Hargrove and Heatmaster among others.

Vent Free Gas Logs - Attractive and Effective

Few scenes are as comfortable and inviting as a warm, sparkling fire. Cozying up in front of a fireplace on a cold autumn afternoon is a welcome indulgence for many; however, the work associated with maintaining a wood burning fire as well as the mess created by a traditional fireplace are off putting aspects to this otherwise inviting ambiance. A vent free gas log is a more manageable alternative that offers the same benefits (and more) as a woodburning fire. Vent Free gas logs are easy to use and allow you to turn them off with a push of a button.

Advantages of Vent Free Gas Logs

Vent free gas logs are designed to offer the look of a traditional fireplace without the additional maintenance required of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Likewise, vent free logs are designed to be 99.9% efficient, so they offer a better-heating source that is safer at the same time. In addition, gas logs are especially unique in that they are manufactured using superior quality technology, which supplies these log sets with more glowing embers and a more ambient glow. Another advantage is the supplementary technology of a state of the art remote that facilitates the temperature as well as the height of the flame with the touch of a button. This feature also takes the work out of lighting the pilot light, as it is also remote operated.

Options Available

With exemplary technology and design, you cannot find a better set of vent free gas logs than those offered by The Fire House Casual Living Store. We offer a variety of different styles of vent free gas logs such as Empire, Heatmaster and RH Peterson.

Made with top-quality components and complete with innovative technology, The Fire House offers the most realistic gas logs on the market. Plus, when you purchase them from us you're getting an exemplary product from an outstanding company.

Vented logs have been emulating real wood burning fires for decades. With dancing yellow flames and tons of bright burning embers, your friends and family will think you have chopped the wood and just added it to your fireplace. In reality, all you did was turn a knob. Better yet, with the touch of a button on your remote, you can turn the fire on and off at your convenience. Enjoy the ease and beauty of vented gas logs for years to come.

Vented Gas Logs

Many people have considered installing fireplaces in their homes, but they might not know what type of fireplace they should put in their homes. It is a legitimate concern since there are various types of fireplaces on the market nowadays. Here at The Fire House Casual Living Store, we offer all options from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to vented and unvented gas logs to direct vent inserts. No matter what type of fireplace you are looking for, we are sure to offer it here at The Fire House.

Perhaps one of our most popular type of gas logs that we offer is our vented gas logs. Gas logs are extremely popular since they eliminate the need for you to build and stoke your own fire with messy firewood. Not only is having to keep procuring real firewood to feed your fire a hassle, but it means that more trees are being cut down for firewood, which people who are environmentally-conscious might not like. Additionally, burning real wood leads to more smoke and pollution than burning gas logs does.

Vented gas logs give you all the wonderful ambiance of real logs burning without all the mess. They truly emulate the look and feel of real burning logs with their dancing flames and bright burning embers. People will be under the impression that you actually chopped the wood yourself and added it to your fire, so real is the appearance of vented logs. However, vented gas logs don’t require any such work and can be controlled with the simple push of a remote control button. Vented gas units offer you the opulent beauty of a real fireplace, but with the ease and convenience of modern technology.

However, because vented gas units do emit some fumes and exhaust, they must have a chimney for the unburnt gases to escape through. They do require a fully functional fireplace that is able to burn real wood, but the beautiful atmosphere that is created by them is unsurpased. We offer you a variety of gas log units here at The Fire House, and we are more than willing to answer any questions about any of our units that you may have.

Transform your existing fireplace into a heat producing furnace! Direct vent inserts are the only way to create a primary heat source with the ease of a gas log. If you want the efficiency of a vent free and the realism of a vented gas log, then a direct vent insert is the way to go. Select from the best American made brands, including Mendota, Empire and Napoleon.

Direct Vent Inserts have piping that not only expels unburnt gases but also brings fresh air into the unit. This allows the direct vent insert to regulate air flow and produce as much heat as possible. We heat all of our showrooms with our direct vent inserts and fireplaces during the winter. If you are after a heating appliance without the mess of a wood burning insert, then this is the best option. Shop The Fire House Casual Living Store today for the largest selection and the most knowledgeable staff.