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Vent Free Inserts

Vent Free Inserts

Vent free fireplace Inserts offer supreme comfort in heating for a fraction of the price that traditional fireplaces cost. At The Fire House, our extensive selection of supreme inserts are sure to meet your individual needs and match the décor in your Carolina home. We select a vast selection at cost-efficient prices to afford you the finest according to your budgetary and individual needs. Explore the extensive selection of vent free fireplace inserts, at our Charlotte and Raleigh locations, to meet the needs of your home.

Vent free fireplace inserts efficiently heat a home due to their unique design. They accomplish the look and feel of a fireplace, but are more efficient at a reduced price. This cuts down on the need to purchase increased amounts of fuel. They also burn more efficiently by avoiding the causation of build-up deposits. Small vents underneath allow for fresh air to enter the heating cavities of the insert and vents on the top allow for heat to escape. Blowers are often included to force the hot air out more quickly. Our vent free inserts not only burn efficiently, they look better and more realistic than our competitions.

Depending upon the type of insert desired, certain features, such as thermostatic controls and fans, may be obtained. The wide selection in finishes, styles, brands and other distinguishing features make choosing one quick and easy. Inserts provide an aesthetic focal point in the room and instantly enhance the look of any room. There is no need to look further than our selection in North or South Carolina.

Our continued dedication to the community puts the customer first and provides beautiful inserts at affordable prices. We are able to provide the best service in our industry due to our customer relations, superb location in connection to manufacturers and our extensive knowledge in the industry. Not only is our supply designed to meet your needs, but we offer the best quality to ensure your selection fits your needs. Discover what a vent free fireplace insert in Charlotte that can do for your home.


Empire has been a vent free gas log expert for many years. They have some of the most realistic options on the market. Many of our customers are looking for a vent free insert for their masonry fireplace. This is one of the best ways to have a blower incorporated with your vent free gas logs. An insert is a complete unit consisting of a prefabricated firebox, gas logs and a blower all designed to be “inserted” into your existing fireplace. The last piece of the puzzle is the trim kit, or surround, which will finish off the insert by covering up any additional space left of the fireplace opening. Empire fireplace products can be a great addition to any fireplace so stop by The Fire House today to learn more.