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Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves

Experience the warmth and spirit of a quality wood stove. Whether you want a free standing wood stove as an addition to any room or a wood burning insert for your existing fireplace, our wood stoves are the highest quality. Most models boast 75% efficiency or more, putting more heat into your home and saving you money on your utility bills. Stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today to see how a wood stove can give you the look you want and save you money!

We have a variety of freestanding wood stoves for sale in our Carolina store locations. These stoves are great for warming up your home in South Carolina. Freestanding wood stoves can help you conserve energy and save money on your heating bill. We offer installation tips and tricks to make the process of purchasing a wood stove easy for you.

High quality wood stove inserts can add warmth and coziness to any room in your home. Choosing inserts from The Fire House Casual Living Store ensures you receive the highest quality workmanship along with a classic design that will work well even when you change the decor of your home. Wood burning fireplace inserts have some distinct advantage that you will want to consider when choosing an option for your home.

Wood stove inserts are among the most fuel efficient ways to warm your home and can even reduce your heating costs and your carbon footprint. Companies such as Jotul offer some of the finest craftsmanship on wood inserts for the home, which translates into better fuel efficiency for you. Not only are wood burning inserts beautifully crafted, they are sealed to ensure more warmth enters your home when compared to a traditional open fireplace. The tightly sealed doors and low emissions of newer models can also cut your emissions rate, which is better for the environment.

Wood stove inserts are also more convenient to care for than a traditional fireplace. The tightly sealed doors keep ashes inside, and the doors are often self cleaning since the fire inside will burn off any creosote that threatens to build on the doors. This low maintenance option is ideal if you want the warmth and comfort of a fireplace without the mess. You can have your insert installed in your existing fireplace by first deciding which size and style insert fits the fireplace best. You may need to have your chimney sizing checked to ensure the inserts works at optimum efficiency. With the properly sized flue liner, a fireplace insert will work with most chimneys provided you opt for the right sized insert.

At The Fire House, you will find a selection of wood inserts that are designed with the highest quality standards in wood burning fireplace inserts. Cast iron is the number one choice for inserts because of its durability. With your new insert, you can have the cozy atmosphere of a wood burning fireplace with all the advantages of a fireplace insert.

Jotul offers a complete range of both traditional and contemporary stoves and fireplaces. Based on traditions in Norwegian craftsmanship, high quality and consistent use of good design, Jotul will continue to be the favored choice of the generations of today and tomorrow.

We believe that our use of good design, which has set high standards within our industry, has contributed highly to Jotul remaining a market leader in the fireplace, stove and insert business since 1853. Their continued commitment to future high-quality design, with the continued launch of popular products, will create profitability and safe employment for the years ahead and will play an even more important role in our growth.

Jotul is one of the leading manufacturers of gas and wood stoves and fireplace inserts. The cast iron design is one of the major benefits of choosing the Jotul brand. The stoves available from The Fire House are direct from the manufacturer, ensuring you get the quality that is expected from the Jotul brand along with superior customer service and knowledgeable staff. Jotul gas stoves offer you the charming appeal of a wood stove, thanks to the heat proof glass doors, with the advantage of using clean burning gas rather than wood.

Jotul gas stoves are sold in a wide range of styles that fit into your existing decor perfectly. The Jotul Lillihammer, for example, is a granite grey cast iron stove that features a Gothic style open door fireplace look that is both beautiful and neutral enough to work well with almost any decor. If you prefer a more classic look, opt for the Allegash or Firelight model from Jotul. All gas stoves from the Jotul brand are designed to bring you the look of a traditional fireplace with the modern convenience of gas.

The Allegash and Firelight are a traditional black cast iron color and both feature the stunning open door look that the company is so well-known for. You can add instant fireplace ambiance to any room in your home with stoves that rely on gas. The Fire House also carries Jotul brand wood stoves if you want an alternative to gas in some rooms in your home. One of the benefits to opting for this name brand is that the overall design and craftsmanship is created to withstand the test of time. You won't have to replace your Jotul gas stoves for style reasons because they are built with classic designs and durable, reliable parts to ensure you are comfortably warm for many years to come.

Jotul offers a wide range of options for you to choose from, with everything from modern, streamlined designs to the simple, classic look of a traditional fireplace. You can find the wood stove that fits your home best at The Fire House and have it delivered straight to your door.