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Hanamint patio furniture has become a staple in outdoor patio sets across the Carolinas. Hanamint specializes in cast aluminum products that will stand the test of time. Cast aluminum is extremely durable even in the harshest of weather conditions. The best part about this type of patio furniture is that it requires very little maintenance. Simply stray off your patio set with a hose. That’s it! Another advantage of cast aluminum is that it will not rust. Hanamint patio furniture is easy to take care of and will outlast most other types of outdoor furniture.

Hanamint has a plethora of styles available. The Tuscany and Newport styles have been around since the beginning. New, larger looks such as the Grand Tuscany and St. Augustine have been in the line for over 10 years and provide a wider and deeper chair. St. Moritz is another style that is more formal and very heavy. While all of these styles are great for windy conditions, St. Moritz is certainly the heaviest. Collections are added often, but the style just mentioned are staples of the line.

Here at The Fire House Casual Living Store, we stock the largest selection of Hanamint in the entire Carolinas. We also guarantee to have the lowest prices! Stop by our Charlotte, Raleigh or Greenville SC location today for the best service and selection.

Bella by Hanamint is a European scrolling design that will accent any outdoor patio area. Its design includes an elegant back that sits comfortably while presenting a style that will remain popular for many years to come. As with all Hanamint patio furniture, this collection is powder coated for the strongest and most durable finish available. The Bella collection includes dining chairs, swivel rockers, barstools and a complete collection of dining tables and end tables.
The Berkshire patio furniture collection by Hanamint has a classic basket weave design that will never go out of style. Hanamint actually has two collections with similar designs. The other one is the Newport. The main difference is that the Berkshire is a fully welded dining chair. It is available in the Desert Bronze finish which is the most popular finish by Hanamint. This collection includes dining pieces, deep seating pieces, many table sizes, a bench and a chaise lounge.
Hanamint is a huge patio furniture manufacture. They offer hundreds of chairs and tables within their line. Many of their tables are offered in a 30” diameter at dining height. This means you can select a chair of your choice and pair it with that table. Along with that option, Hanamint makes two bistro sets that are sold as a group. There is the Tuscany bistro set and the Versailles bistro set. These are great for smaller areas such as balconies or small corners on a deck or patio. Stop by a Fire House near you to explore all of your options.
Chateau tables are suitable to use with most of the collections offered by Hanamint. There are 20 different shapes, sizes and heights to choose from. Whether you want bar height for a better view or a unique shape such as a hexagonal dining table with a pedestal base, Chateau has it all. A new introduction in 2013 was an end table with an ice bucket included. Now you don’t even have to get up to enjoy an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. Hanamint only offers the Chateau table collection in the Desert Bronze finish, so make sure the collection you like is offered in the same finish. The most popular dining and seating collection to mix with the Chateau is the St. Augustine. You can pick between the sling and fully cast aluminum chair or get the deep seating with lush cushions. Hanamint patio furniture is constantly evolving and this table collection is as well.
Alumont’s Classic tables have a crosshatch pattern and slightly curved legs. Alumont’s Classic Tables are available in a wide variety of sizes, so you can choose the right end table, coffee table, or dining table for your patio. Offered in Alumont’s most popular finish, Terra Mist, the Classic Tables will help you complete any outdoor seating area.
The Grand Tuscany is one of Hanamints bestsellers. It is a fully welded cast chair boasting great strength and durability. It is a larger scale than its predecessor, the Tuscany collection. With a wider and deeper seat, many people find it is one of the most comfortable and spacious options from Hanamint. This collection is offered in both Desert Bronze and Black finishes. This collection has dining chairs, bar and counter height stools, benches, gliders and many deep seating pieces. It even has a double chaise lounge. Within the past few years, Hanamint added a sectional to the Grand Tuscany collection. This is a complete collection and gives customers the ability to add on to their patio furniture as years go by.
The Lancaster Collection by Hanamint is as comfortable as it is elegant. The arched cathedral design in the backs of the Lancaster adds character in design and sets it apart from any other Hanamint collection. The grouping consists of luxurious, cushioned dining and deep seating pieces that pair up attractively with the Hanamint Sherwood tables. A rich Terra Mist finish is applied to the frames and cushions are available in a large selection of beautiful Sunbrella fabrics.
Mayfair by Hanamint was introduced only a couple of years ago. As far as the deep seating pieces go, it began a change for Hanamint in the type of cushions they offered. They started offering the Estate cushions which were thicker and taller. These cushions are offered on several different collections including Mayfair, Newport, and Stratford. For maximum comfort, make sure you try out any of these collections. The Mayfair dining brings another transitional look into Hanamint’s line. Along with the dining and seating options, new tables were added under this collection. Dining, bar height, and occasional tables are offered. They even have an end table with an ice bucket built in. Here’s to liven the good life!
The Newport by Hanamint is one of their bestselling collections. It has been used in many commercial applications such as outdoor dining for restaurants. The Newport is a basket weave design offered in 3 different finishes: Desert Bronze, Sandstone and Black. This collection is very popular due to the classic design. It goes well with any décor. Hanamint has recently changed all of the deep seating pieces to be more comfortable. They have made the seat cushions much thicker and the back cushions much taller. You will sink into the plush cushion and there is still enough height to support your head, neck and shoulders. Stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today to learn more about this collection.
The newest table collection offered by Hanamint is the Sherwood. It is a very unique look for a cast aluminum table. This table is reminiscent of a teak table in that it has a plank top with straight legs located at each corner. The Sherwood table is a transitional look and goes very well with the Stratford dining and deep seating collection. Hanamint is dedicated to bringing new looks in the patio furniture industry and The Fire House is dedicated to carrying the highest quality outdoor furniture at the best prices. Stop by or call your local Fire House Store today.
Hanamint created a winner when they designed the St. Augustine line up. This collection offers the beauty of scrolled cast aluminum with a larger seat for maximum comfort. It all started with the dining chair, swivel rocker and the chaise lounge but has grown substantially since then. Now the St. Augustine cast collection offers 17 pieces in total, not including the tables. There are many deep seating pieces ranging from club swivel gliders to component pieces that allow you to build unlimited variations of sectionals. The most commonly used table with the St. Augustine is the Chateau table. In this table collection, Hanamint offers everything from dining, bar height, end table and coffee table options. You can create multiple settings in your outdoor patio area with no two areas being the same.
Since the cast version of St. Augustine has always been a hit with the customers, Hanamint decided to bring in a new style of this collection. They now offer the St. Augustine with a sling seat. This gives a new look to a classic design and introduces maximum comfort while retaining the low maintenance of cast aluminum. No cushions needed. Slings have always been popular on outdoor patio furniture since they dry quickly. In recent years, Hanamint has also introduced a club swivel rocker and spring chair in this collection. These pieces are great for relaxing around a fire pit. They sit lower than dining chairs and are slightly wider, providing ultimate comfort with little maintenance. Most of our customers use the Chateau tables with this collection, but many opt for the Tuscany a well. Stop by the Fire House today to explore all of your options.
Just introduced for the 2014 season, the Stratford by Hanamint offers a transitional look with a new and unique table collection for cast aluminum patio sets. The Stratford dining pieces are clean, crisp and beautiful. The deep seating pieces are bulky with extra pillows for the arm rest. You can sink into a plethora of lush cushions for a relaxing evening outdoors. They are all high back so you get great head, neck and shoulder support. The deep seating pieces also offer components so that you can build a sectional that will fit any area. A round ottoman finishes off the line and includes a serving tray. Hanamint also developed new tables for this collection under the Sherwood table collection. They mimic a style usually associated with outdoor wood tables. The legs are straight and at the corners of the dining table. The top is planked just like many teak tables have been for years. Visit The Fire House Casual Living Store today to see the largest selection of Hanamint patio furniture in the Carolinas.
The Tuscany collection has been around since the beginning of Hanamint patio furniture. It is a smaller, cozier scale with a surprising level of comfort. Most customers choose not to add cushions to the dining chairs since they are so comfortable to begin with. This collection includes dining, bar and counter height stools, bench and multiple options for the chaise lounge. Tuscany also has its own table collection. These tables are designed for both the Tuscany and Grand Tuscany but we find many customers prefer this table with other collections offered by Hanamint. In fact, we have customers who will use this table with chairs from a completely different manufacture. Cast aluminum patio tables are easy to care for and require a lot less cleaning than a glass table.
Fire pits have become the hottest (no pun intended) products in the patio furniture industry today. There is something memorable about an evening with friends and family around a fire pit. Hanamint has offered wood burning fire pits for the last few years. The fire pits match many of their most popular collections. Hanamint includes a top that converts the fire pit to a chat table make this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture very functional year round. For the 2014 season, Hanamint has introduced matching gas fire pit tables. These fire pits come in two styles among 6 different collections. The first style mimics the wood burning fire pit with an open leg base. This style is less expensive than its counterpart but does leave a propane tank visually exposed. The other version is fully enclosed, therefore hiding the propane tank and connections. Both types of Hanamint gas fire pits ship with an optional natural gas orifice for any easy conversion.
Hanamint offers more than just comfortable cast aluminum patio sets. They offer quite a few accessories pieces that you can dress up your area with. Baker’s racks, console tables, tea carts and even trash cans. These are offered in collections such as Newport, Tuscany and Chateau. Hanamint does not stop here. They also offer matching umbrella bases for your dining sets. Other accessories offered by Hanamint are lazy susans, a towel rack and a Tuscany storage box. Here at The Fire House Casual Living Store, we stock many of these accessories. Call or stop by a location near you today!