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Treasure Garden

Treasure Garden

Looking for more shade? Here in the south, we all need all the shade we can get, especially on a hot summer day when friends and family are visiting. Treasure Garden is the largest manufacture of patio umbrellas in the world. They manufacture market style patio umbrellas as well as extra-large cantilever umbrellas. They use only high quality outdoor fabrics, most of which have a 4 or 5 year warranty against fading. Very few umbrella companies will stand behind their products like that!

Of all of Treasure Garden’s patio umbrellas, the most impressive are the cantilevers. They come in 11’ and 13’ sizes and can provide shade to large areas. These patio umbrellas can rotate 360 degrees for full coverage of a deck, patio or pool area. They also tilt in both directions.

Here at The Fire House, we don’t just sell Treasure Garden’s cantilever umbrellas, we offer delivery and set up of them as well for a full service experience. We fill the bases with 250 lbs of sand for the 11’ model and 400 lbs of sand for the 13’ model. They even come with a protective cover for the winter months. Stop by one of our showrooms today to see how this shade solution can help you live more comfortably. We are conveniently located in Charlotte, Raleigh and Greenville SC.

The auto tilt umbrella is easy to use. Just crank it up and when the umbrella is fully open, continue to crank and it will tilt automatically. Easy, easy, easy! This style is a market style patio umbrella and will coordinate with any dining set and also works well as a free standing model with a heavy umbrella base. Visit The Fire House today to learn more about auto tilt umbrellas.
The Fire House Casual Living Store offers a variety of Treasure Garden’s cantilever umbrellas. When you first see one of these huge umbrellas, you will be amazed. We stock both 11’ and 13’ in multiple finish and fabric combinations. Not only will they provide a massive amount of shade, they will actually rotate 360 degrees for even more coverage. These cantilevered umbrellas will also tilt in both directions. Many of our customers will buy one of these instead of an awning. Stop by The Fire House today for the Carolina’s largest assortment of patio umbrellas..
Treasure Garden creates many different styles and options when it comes to patio umbrellas. One collection they have is the Easy Track collection. It is a manual lift umbrella but truly is easy. There is no crank, but when manual lifting the patio umbrella into an open position, you can tell the weight is counter balanced for ease of operation. This type of patio umbrella is available in two sizes; 11’ and 10’X13’.

An extremely important part of your patio umbrella purchase should be a heavy umbrella base. In order to stabilize your umbrella from strong wind, we recommend at least 50 lbs. Remember – the wind is very powerful and we recommend keeping your umbrella down on windy days as well as when you are not using it. Treasure Garden offers quite a few options of umbrella bases, many of which are cast aluminum and will never rust. Umbrella lights have become a great way to shine some light on your evening. The Vega light does just that. The Vega light attaches easily to any Treasure Garden umbrella and can be pointed upward for accent lighting or downward for more direct lighting. They have also come out with Serenta umbrella light. It is also a media center for your patio umbrella and will play music and even includes a remote. Treasure Garden has done it again!