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Woodard Wrought Iron

Woodard Wrought Iron

Woodard has been producing wrought iron patio furniture for over 150 years. They craft traditional looks, transitional designs and contemporary works of art. They are 100 percent Made in the USA! Wrought iron is extremely tough and durable. It can be passed down for generations since it will last that long. Woodard takes great care in providing a powder coat finish on all of their wrought iron. This is very important to avoid rust. They clean the frames thoroughly so that the finish will adhere correctly. Then Woodard applies several coats of paint for the longest lasting finish available. Strong and heavy, this is great patio furniture.

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The back section of each chair on the Aurora collection is what separates it from typical wrought iron patio furniture. The back consist of 6 thin, wavy bars for a cool style. The arms are traditional and very comfortable. This wrought iron will last for decades.
Micro mesh simply means wrought iron mesh that has smaller diamond-shaped openings. This gives greater comfort to sit on and a higher end look as well. The Bradford by Woodard uses this micro mesh on the seats and backs of each piece. With a finial at the top of each side of the chair, bench and chaise, you have a clean design that will coordinate with any decor.
It’s the original….it’s the classic…it’s the Briarwood by Woodard. This design has been around longer than most of us alive today. It really has. With a briarwood flower design on every single wrought iron piece, we have sold this to countless customers throughout the years. Better yet, many customers come in to add on to the collection, but these customers did not buy it, their grandparents did! Woodard wrought iron patio furniture will last for generations.
The Cantebury by Woodard is elegant, simple and graceful. With an arched top design and a barrel back for comfort, it will surprise you. You can sit on this wrought iron patio furniture for hours without a cushion. The gliding loveseat is great for a front porch or a natural area. See how you can add elegance to your outdoor patio today.
This Woodard wrought iron collection is strong and bold. The Fullerton’s back has a slight curve for comfort and many pieces to choose from. The deep seating has a crescent sofa, dual spring rocking loveseat and a spring lounger. With high backs, it sits incredibly well. Come see why Woodard is a leader in wrought iron patio furniture.


Trendy and contemporary, the Jax by Woodard is a new look for wrought iron patio furniture. With side and back panels of micro mesh, you can see through the frame to the cushions. A great way to display color in your outdoor patio area. There is even a matching fire pit with the Jax collection. Whether you want a fire pit for this collection or to blend with what you already have, consider this one for a cool style your friends and family has never seen before.
The Maddox boldly displays a basket weave cross design of wrought iron. Strong and durable, Woodard wrought iron patio furniture will last for generations. This basket weave design will never go out of style. Beyond just the dining group, you can select from many cushioned deep seating pieces such as sofa, loveseat, spring lounge chair, chaise and ottoman. The sofa and loveseat come in both straight and crescent versions. Stop by The Fire House today to see tons of products by Woodard Furniture.
The Modesto wrought iron collection is elegant and regal. The oversized rolling arms draw attention and the legs have beautiful curves. This wrought iron chair is not only heavy, but very durable and strong as well. Woodard patio furniture is of utmost quality and comfort.
A classic basket weave design, the Sheffield wrought iron collection by Woodard Furniture is simple and delightful. Wrought iron is strong, durable and will last for generations. This collection has dining and deep seating so you can use across many different outdoor areas and match all pieces. Come see why Woodard wrought iron is world renowned.
You have to sit in this spring chair to believe it. Your indoor furniture is not this comfortable! Why sit inside when you can sit outside and enjoy a beautiful spring day? The Terrace by Woodard Furniture is the most comfortable Woodard collection to date. We stock this deep seating group so that everyone has the opportunity to know what relaxation is really about. The Terrace comes in crescent sofas, crescent loveseat, straight loveseat, chaise, spring chair and ottoman. You can also get sling and padded sling for dining. Come to The Fire House today and relax for the rest of your life!
The Tucson by Woodard is a simple design with the mesh wrought iron we are all familiar with. Woodard has added a curved top bar for design and a waterfall, rolled seat for comfort on your legs. This collection is a great price point and will last for generations. Woodard wrought iron patio furniture is the best.
The Valencia by Woodard is noted by its vertical slats on the back of each piece. The arm has an extra piece of flat iron welded on for additional comfort. This is a simple and clean style great for any area of your home. Woodard wrought iron is classic and will never go out of style.
Woodard wrought iron bistro sets come in a variety of traditional and even wild looks. Many of these are used for outdoor dining at restaurants. With over 10 different styles of chairs and many different finishes to choose from, you can create a look specific to your needs. Stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today to learn more.
Wrought iron tables are extremely strong and durable. Most do not have glass, which means less to worry about. Since wrought iron is heavy and the mesh allows air to pass through easily, this table is not affected by strong winds. It is a great choice for homes by the lake or golf course as well as mountain homes. Woodard is a trusted name when it comes to quality wrought iron patio furniture, so look no further.