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One of our favorite and most exciting products at The Fire House is outdoor grills. A charcoal or gas grill is a great way to complete your outdoor room. Inviting family and friends over for a backyard barbeque cook out will create memories that last a lifetime. The outdoor grill has evolved into many fun options including cart model gas grills, charcoal grills and smokers, and even built in grills and grill components. Cart Model Gas Grills – Here at The Fire House we want to offer high quality gas grills that you buy once. Not the typical cheap grill you buy every couple of years. We have done the math and the most expensive grill you can buy is the grill you buy over and over and over. We carry brands such as Fire Magic and American Outdoor Grill (AOG) by R.H. Peterson. We also carry Saber Grills which uses infrared technology. All of the gas grills we stock are made of the best stainless steel and the highest quality parts. They are grills you will only buy once! Charcoal Grills and Smokers – Let’s keep it simple. We only carry The Big Green Egg. That’s because The Big Green Egg is the best. Whether you want to cook a steak at 700 degrees, smoke 6 racks of ribs at 225 degrees or even bake a pizza, this charcoal grill and smoker does it all. The taste of charcoal will keep you coming back for more. Built In Grills and Grill Components – This is the fastest growing segment of the gas grill industry today. Many customers are building hardscapes in their backyards including a grill island. Manufactures such as Fire Magic, American Outdoor Grill (AOG) and Saber have tons of different options for these grill islands. Of course you can get the grill head, but now options such as doors, drawers, refrigerators, kegerators, sinks, side burners, power burners, etc. are available. No matter what grill option you want, The Fire House Casual Living Store can help you. Stop by one of our locations in Charlotte, Raleigh or Greenville SC today to see how a better quality grill will create a better quality of life.

Arguably the most exciting product we have ever sold, the Big Green Egg is more than just a grill, it is a phenomenon. Enthusiasm spreads quickly once you get your first taste of barbeque that has slow cooked for 18 hours with hickory wood chunks and lump charcoal giving a flavor worthy of competition barbeque. Hands down, this charcoal grill and smoker does it all. Some grills are known for high heat temperatures, some known for holding low temperatures for long periods of time and others known for retaining moisture leaving your meat juicy and delicious. Only the Big Green Egg is known for all of these and more!

So how does it work? Good question! The Big Green Egg is a ceramic style kamado cooker. The ceramic compound used on this grill is only 2 molecules off of the ceramic tiles that NASA uses. This type of ceramic holds heat very well and does not allow the heat to escape quickly like metal grills. The more heat that escapes, the more movement of air flow which will dry out your meat. Since the ceramic does not allow this movement of air, your meat will stay extremely juicy and succulent. Even if you accidently cook it for longer than you should, it will still be juicy. The Big Green Egg will make the average cook look like a world class chef!

Furthermore, the Big Green Egg has air controls at both the bottom and top of the grill. You can close off these dampers and lower the temperature of the grill. Cooking low and slow is easy with the Big Green Egg. This also slows down the burning of the lump charcoal creating efficiency instead of waste. This allows you to smoke a Boston butt for over 18 hours on one load of charcoal. Yes, you heard correctly! You do not have to fill…and fill…and fill some more to cook for 18 hours. One load of charcoal at 225 degrees will last for over 18 hours. This smoker also does the best ribs, chicken and turkeys you can imagine.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can open up these damper controls and allow more air flow. This will raise the temperature of the charcoal grill to over 700 degrees. This is used for searing steaks so the juices are sealed in for maximum deliciousness. Beyond grilling steaks, anything is possible on this grill.  Grilling pizzas, baking bread and deserts, smoking fish and grilling vegetables are among the favorites.

One last thing. There are a plethora of Eggcessories available to enhance your cooking experience. Browse our online catalog to see all of your options. The Fire House Casual Living Store is the leading dealer of Big Green Eggs in the Carolinas. Many of our employees own a Big Green Egg and therefore can give you the best advice and service available in our markets. Stop by The Fire House today to learn more and to get the very best price on this amazing grill, smoker, barbeque and oven.

Fire Magic Premium Grills are synonymous with quality to last a life time. It all starts with the materials that go into the manufacturing of the grill. The gas burners are cast stainless steel and guaranteed for life. All of the casings, internal components and carts are also made with 304 stainless steel. While many other gas grills also use 304 stainless steel, Fire Magic uses 16-guage SS. It is heavier and thicker than the others. But that’s only where it begins. Fire Magic grills are perfect for the Carolina summer evening. You can find these grills at one of our four locations in North or South Carolina. No detail is spared with a Fire Magic grill. Even the knobs are backlit for easy to see control in the dark. The stainless steel cooking grids are twice as heavy and durable than other options. Many models have halogen lights to help you see at night. This means you are less likely to overcook you food. If you are building your own grill island in your South Carolina home, choose Fire Magic grill heads and grill components. Since your grill island is permanent, you will want to use the best you can. Many of our customers come in to us after having purchased a less expensive gas grill and now need to upgrade. It often requires changes in the grill island that can be costly. Start with the best and this will not be an issue. Stop by The Fire House in Charolette, and Raleigh today to see why Fire Magic is the best.


From the same manufacture of Fire Magic, American Outdoor Grill is a less expensive option. It is still very high quality and made in the U.S.A. They only use 304 stainless steel in all of their gas grills and components. Their burners come with a 15 year warranty. You can choose a cart model or a built in grill head for your grill island. You also get the option of a rotisserie backburner which is wonderful for cooking whole chickens and turkeys. AOG also offers many built in grill components such as doors, drawers, side burners and even a grill light. Many of our customers opt to go with American Outdoor Grill to get a high quality American made gas grill that will last a lifetime, but do not want to spend as much as they might with Fire Magic. AOG even offers post mount grills, which are much harder to find these days. Stop by The Fire House today to see how you can have all the quality you need and save some cash at the same time.
Saber Gas Grills are distinctive of great engineering and performance. This grill is a different experience for any avid griller but also great for a novice. It is all based on infrared technology through great design and construction. This infrared design allows for less air flow throughout the grill head. The less air flow, the more juices that are left where they are supposed to be – in the meat! This grill produced juicier and better tasting food than many of its counterparts. Each burner is located in its own compartment. If you select the 3 burner grill by Saber, you can actually cook at 3 completely different temperatures at the same time! Over one burner you can grill a steak at 700 degrees. Less than 3 inches away, you can grill vegetables at 350. This gas grill does so much. Saber gas grills also use less gas than others. They use 8,000 BTUs per burner, but because of their design, they still get hotter than grills that use 30% more gas. It is amazing. Stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today to learn more about Saber Gas Grills.