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Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg

Arguably the most exciting product we have ever sold, the Big Green Egg is more than just a grill, it is a phenomenon. Enthusiasm spreads quickly once you get your first taste of barbeque that has slow cooked for 18 hours with hickory wood chunks and lump charcoal giving a flavor worthy of competition barbeque. Hands down, this charcoal grill and smoker does it all. Some grills are known for high heat temperatures, some known for holding low temperatures for long periods of time and others known for retaining moisture leaving your meat juicy and delicious. Only the Big Green Egg is known for all of these and more!

So how does it work? Good question! The Big Green Egg is a ceramic style kamado cooker. The ceramic compound used on this grill is only 2 molecules off of the ceramic tiles that NASA uses. This type of ceramic holds heat very well and does not allow the heat to escape quickly like metal grills. The more heat that escapes, the more movement of air flow which will dry out your meat. Since the ceramic does not allow this movement of air, your meat will stay extremely juicy and succulent. Even if you accidently cook it for longer than you should, it will still be juicy. The Big Green Egg will make the average cook look like a world class chef!

Furthermore, the Big Green Egg has air controls at both the bottom and top of the grill. You can close off these dampers and lower the temperature of the grill. Cooking low and slow is easy with the Big Green Egg. This also slows down the burning of the lump charcoal creating efficiency instead of waste. This allows you to smoke a Boston butt for over 18 hours on one load of charcoal. Yes, you heard correctly! You do not have to fill…and fill…and fill some more to cook for 18 hours. One load of charcoal at 225 degrees will last for over 18 hours. This smoker also does the best ribs, chicken and turkeys you can imagine.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can open up these damper controls and allow more air flow. This will raise the temperature of the charcoal grill to over 700 degrees. This is used for searing steaks so the juices are sealed in for maximum deliciousness. Beyond grilling steaks, anything is possible on this grill.  Grilling pizzas, baking bread and deserts, smoking fish and grilling vegetables are among the favorites.

One last thing. There are a plethora of Eggcessories available to enhance your cooking experience. Browse our online catalog to see all of your options. The Fire House Casual Living Store is the leading dealer of Big Green Eggs in the Carolinas. Many of our employees own a Big Green Egg and therefore can give you the best advice and service available in our markets. Stop by The Fire House today to learn more and to get the very best price on this amazing grill, smoker, barbeque and oven.

Which size of the Big Green Egg is right for you? There are 5 sizes available. This charcoal grill, smoker and barbeque is the most unique grill offered in the marketplace and can outperform any of the competition. With multiple sizes available, it’s important to choose the correct size for your needs the first time. Please read below to better understand the differences in sizing. Stop by your local Fire House Casual Living Store today to see these sizes and make your selection.

The Extra Large – This is currently the biggest Green Egg of them all. This size is for large families with big appetites. After trying food prepared on a Big Green Egg, everyone’s appetite increases. It’s just that good! The grid diameter is a full 24”. That equates to 452 square inches. You can cook 2 20-pound turkeys at the same time. Or 24 burgers…now that’s a family reunion where all the relatives get along. Not big enough? How about cooking 11 whole chickens or 14 racks of ribs vertically. This Egg is grade A and ready to go.

The Large – By far this is the most common size Big Green Egg. Over 90% of Eggheads own this grill size. It has a grid diameter of 18 ¼” and a cooking area of 262 square inches. This size can handle most families and gatherings of friends. 12 burgers is no problem for the Large Green Egg. You can cook a 20-pound turkey or even 6 chickens vertically at one time. That’s a lot of food. What most of our customers like about this size is that its big enough to get the job done but not so big that you feel guilty only cooking 2 steaks.

The Medium – The medium Big Green Egg is a great size for smaller families and couples. The grid diameter is 15” and the cooking area is 177 square inches. While still being able to handle an 18-pound turkey, it will also cook up to 6 burgers or 4 steaks. Many people who visit our store plan on getting the medium but upsize to the large after comparing the sizes and how they will be using it.

The Small – This size produces a huge amount of flavor for a small package. That’s bang for your buck! The grid diameter is 13 inches and a cooking area of 133 square inches. This size is best for couples or singles who do not frequently cook for guests. A 12-pound turkey will fit on this size. 4 burgers or 2 steaks is what this size can handle.

The Mini – This size is typically purchased by a customer who already owns one of the other sizes. It is great for tailgating, picnics or camping. Also great for a boat. This is for the enthusiast who wants to share the glory of the Big Green Egg with everyone they can. The grid diameter is 10” with a cooking area of 79 square inches. It will fit 2 chicken breast and you may be able to squeeze on 2 steaks depending on what cut of meat you have.

The table, cart or stand you put your Big Green Egg into is an important decision. This is an area of product that is growing like no other. There used to only be two options, a nest and a wood table. Now the options are becoming abundant with some carts even having finish and storage options. Stop by the Fire House today to see the best selection of tables and carts in the Carolinas.

Tables are a great way to expand the counter surface area you can use while cooking on your new Big Green Egg grill. Anyone who has ever grilled has experienced the trouble of running out of places to put the uncooked food, utensils, sauces and the additional plates. It almost becomes a circus act as you balance your way through the meal. To solve this issue, Big Green Egg offers several sizes of tables to accommodate your area. These tables are made of high quality woods such as cypress and tropical mahogany woods. One important reminder; either use a paver or a table stand to raise your Egg off of the wood so that the heat does not damage the support shelf of the table.

Carts are an attractive and useful way to support your Big Green Egg. These luxury models function like a table with some additional benefits. Custom carts allow you extra storage for your lump charcoal, utensils and even a trash can if you would like. The Fire House offers carts from Big Green Egg as well as from Challenger Carts to give you the best selection available in the Carolinas. You can choose your finish when ordering many of these carts as well as a plethora of other storage options. Many sizes are also available so stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today.

There are many options to support and raise your Big Green Egg to the correct grilling height. Many of these include custom built-in grill islands, tables and carts. But by far the most common method is the egg nest. Yes, it is actually called the egg nest…get it? This stand has been around for many, many years. Big Green Egg has made several improvements to the egg nest over the years. This includes larger casters, better bracing and powder coated hardware. The egg nest is easily moveable and an inexpensive way to support your Green Egg at the right height.

Egg mates are another popular product to enhance your grilling experience. An egg mate is simply a set of shelves that attach to your Big Green Egg. They give you great working space and enough room to place meat, sauces, rubs and dishware on. They also have S hooks to hang up to 6 utensils from. The egg mates fold down for easy storage. Lastly, egg mates can be made out of wood or a composite material. Wood is great for the traditional look but the composite material allows for a very low maintenance alternative.

Big Green Egg has recently introduced handlers. A handler is simply a product designed to give additional stability to your Egg and nest. It connects the Egg’s band to the nest so you can move your Egg with less chance of tipping. Remember, these Eggs are high quality and can weigh up to 219 pounds. Handlers are not necessary but can be useful under certain circumstances. Stop by The Fire House and a sales associate will be happy to go over all the options with you. 

Big Green Egg is committed to eco-friendly and natural products — what else would you expect from a company whose middle name is “Green”?! Big Green Egg painstakingly sources their organic charcoal to ensure that it contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, anthracite coal, limestone, treated wood or petroleum products. Unlike some of the other charcoals and briquettes on the market today, pure and natural Big Green Egg charcoal is made of premium hardwoods with NO additives whatsoever. We at The Fire House have tried other brands but have found that none compare to the quality of what Big Green Egg offers.

First you start with a good quality natural lump charcoal, but then comes the second most important part. Getting it fired up correctly. VERY IMPORTANT – don’t use any lighter fluid to get your coals started. It will leave residue in your Egg and cause your food to taste like the lighter fluid you just used. There are three good options to use when lighting up your grill. Fire starters are small squares that you simply place in the charcoal and light with a match. They will get your charcoal lit in a total of 7 minutes. They come in packs of 24, so you get 24 charcoal starts per pack. The next option is the electric charcoal starter. It plugs into an electrical outlet and has a heating element to start the grill. It also takes about 7 minutes but can last for hundreds of grilling experiences. Lastly you have the Looft lighter. It is like a hair dryer on steroids. In 2 minutes or less you can have your charcoal burning bright. In less than 10 minutes total, you can have your Big Green Egg up to 400 degrees and ready to put the burgers on. That’s faster than most gas grills.

Since your Big Green Egg is known as the World’s Best Smoker, let’s talk about wood chips, chunks and planks. There are too many types of woods to go into here, but it is best to come into The Fire House and we will be happy to explain what is right for your next meal. Wood chips are great when grilling something quick. You get about 20-30 minutes of smoke so try it on shrimp, fish, chicken breast or steaks. Wood chunks can give you several hours of smoke, so they are better used for smoking briskets, Boston butts or whole chickens. Planks can be used for many types of meats, but are most often used for fish. Plank salmon on the Big Green Egg will put most high quality restaurants to shame!

The Fire House Casual Living Store stocks a huge assortment of wood chips, chunks and planks. Come in today to learn more and to add some flavor to your favorite foods. Extra flavor means more complements to the chef!

When you get a Big Green Egg, you are getting the finest grill and smoker available. This charcoal grill does it all. Along with what is included with the actual Egg, there are hundreds of Eggcessories available to enhance your grilling experience and cook better tasting food. Among the most important is the plate setter. We at the Fire House recommend that every customer purchases this Eggcessorie.

The plate setter is designed to turn your Big Green Egg from a charcoal grill into a smoker. It acts as a barrier between the hot, burning coals and your meat of choice. This creates indirect heat which is necessary in order to smoke large pieces of meat for hours on end. For example, if you get a Boston butt and want to cook it “low and slow” for 18 hours, you need the plate setter. The indirect heat will slowly cook the meat from all sides as opposed to cooking the bottom of the meat at a faster rate. Once you add the plate setter to your Big Green Egg, you have created the World’s Best Smoker. This will allow you to cook succulent ribs, smokey briskets and juicy smoked turkeys.

The pizza stone in used in conjunction with the plate setter to change your Big Green Egg into a pizza oven. The plate setter is used with the legs down and the pizza stone is placed on top. Simply get your Egg up to 500 degrees and slide the pizza on. It is important to give the pizza stone some time to get up to temperature. Your pizza will cook better if the pizza stone is hot. Also, sprinkle cornmeal on the pizza stone before sliding the pizza on. This will keep the dough from sticking and make it much easier to remove when ready.

The best part about purchasing a Big Green Egg from The Fire House is our experience. We have carried the brand for over 15 years and many of our employees own one. Most dealers only picked up the line a year or two ago. We provide the best service in Charlotte, Raleigh and Greenville, SC. Stop by a store today to learn more.

The only thing worse than having overcooked food is having undercooked food! It’s just not worth the risk. But we can take care of that with some high tech grilling gadgets. The Big Green Egg Company offers thermometers in a large range of prices with a large range of options. Here at The Fire House, we offer them all as well. We have several standard and digital thermometers that are budget friendly. Simply stick them in the meat and wait for the readout. It’s that easy.

But that’s only were it begins. For the more tech-savvy grillers, Big Green Egg gives you some awesome options. First, our most popular is the Wireless Thermometer. It is a digital thermometer that has two probes. One probe is for the inside of the grill so you know what temperature your meat is being cooked at. Not too hot, not too cold! The second probe is for the internal temperature of the meat. But even better yet, it is wireless so you have a digital receiver inside your home telling you all the information you need. You don’t even have to get up, let alone go outside. WOW!

Now, let’s take it to the next level. Introducing the Big Green Egg BBQ Guru. Not only does it have 2 probes and digital readout, it actually can raise and lower the temperature of the Egg automatically. You will never overcook a Boston Butt again. Ribs will be perfect every time. Your Thanksgiving turkey will blow your in-laws away (and hopefully they will stay away – just kidding). How does it do it? It has a fan that you attach to the bottom air intake of your Big Green Egg. This fan will regulate air flow into the Egg and therefore control the temperature perfectly. If you want to cook “low and slow,” you have to own this.

Come by The Fire House and see our extensive line of thermometers today. Not only can we help you accurately check your food to make sure it is cooked correctly, we can do so much more!

When most people think of grilling out, their first thoughts are usually chicken, steaks or burgers. But The Big Green Egg can do so much more. As a Big Green Egg dealer, we have learned that grilling is no longer limited to just meat, and that grilling is no longer limited to weekends with family and friends. Our horizons have expanded and we want the same for you. Your life, meals and experiences will be better this way!

Let’s talk cookware. Exciting huh? It will be after you pull some grilled asparagus off of your grill and every one of your friends is raving about it. Or throw some mushrooms on your Big Green Egg for an out of this world taste. The problem with cooking vegetables directly on your grill is that often they will fall through the grids and be lost forever. This is why we carry a vast selection of Eggcessories to use with your grill. Perforated cooking grids are a perfect solution to keep smaller sized foods from falling on to your coals instead of on to your plate. There is even a wok to hold more and to stir easily.

Another great Eggcessorie line are their 2 and 3 tier racks. Now you can fit even more food on your Big Green Egg. Why just grill meat on your Egg? You can cook your entire meal at one time. All you food will be ready at the same time. This grill will add flavor to your meal that is not possible in the oven. Rave reviews will be the norm when friends and family are visiting.

Check out these options offered at The Fire House Casual Living Store. We stock the largest selection of Big Green Egg Eggcessories in the Carolinas. We have done it for years. Stop by to see why we love this grill so much!

Your Big Green Egg is a one-time purchase. This grill and smoker will be the last one you ever buy…unless you want to buy one for a family member or friend!!! So since this is a once in a lifetime purchase, we want to make sure you protect it. Big Green Egg covers are not only attractive, they are the best way to keep your grill clean and well protected.

No matter what size Big Green Egg you have, there is a cover specifically designed for your grill. These covers are heavy duty and built to last. They are the perfect shape to fit your grill and are easy to put on and take off. They even have a handle at the top. Plus, they are ventilated so moisture will not become trapped under the cover. This prevents the cover from mold or mildew forming on the inside portion of it. Lastly, most of their grill covers have the Big Green Egg logo embroidered on it for a high end look.

There are 3 styles of covers. One is designed for the Egg in a nest, another for the Egg in a table and the last is for an Egg that is built in to an island. No matter how you have you Big Green Egg set up, we have the correct cover for your needs.

Visit the Fire House Casual Living Store today for the largest selection of Eggcessories and grill covers. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with your selection.

Add some spice to your life with Big Green Egg seasonings. Even without adding seasonings to your food, the Big Green Egg will make every meal a hit among your family and friends. The lump charcoal adds a rich smoky flavor that is sensational. But any culinary chef knows that the best way to wow a crowd is to layer flavors on flavors. Start with the best charcoal available and proceed to increase the flavor with this line of seasonings.

Here at The Fire House, we stock all of the seasonings offered by Big Green Egg. Each one is tailored to provide maximum flavor to dazzle your taste buds. Some seasonings are best used on certain types of meats. Whether you are grilling beef, poultry, pork or even lamb, we have some great options available for you.

Stop by the Fire House today and we will consult you on all your flavoring options. As a premier Big Green Egg dealer, we make sure to stock their full line of Eggcessores.

Have you ever ordered wood fired pizzas at a restaurant? They are some of the best pizzas you will ever taste. Now you can have that at home with The Big Green Egg. The lump charcoal used on the Egg adds a smoky wood taste to your pizza for the ultimate family night. Why order delivery when you can have it all with the Big Green Egg.

Two main components you will need are the plate setter and the pizza stone. That’s where it begins. But we don’t stop there, instead we offer a dozen pizza Eggcessories to give you the full Egg-sperience. From making traditional pizzas to calzones, you have never tasted pizza this good. On top of that, you will get all the complements for creating a masterpiece that everyone will rave about.

Some other Eggcessories to mention are the pizza peel, wooden or aluminum, and several types of pizza cutters. Bring your family together for a night of grilling. We recommend grilling several pizzas. Let the kids create their own for a fun Egg-sperience. The Big Green Egg is more than just a grill, smoker and wood oven, it is a way to bring your family closer together and enjoy more real family time.