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With so many types of outdoor furniture, we want to help you understand the differences and also help you select the best option for your outdoor area. Cast aluminum patio furniture is the most durable option and requires very little maintenance. Since aluminum does not rust, you do not have to worry about rust marks on your outdoor furniture or rust marks dripping down onto your patio. The cast aluminum manufactures we carry use a powder coat finish process so you will never have to repaint your patio set.


Cast Aluminum is much more ornate and decorative than the other types of patio furniture. This is because manufactures actually melt the aluminum and pour it into castings creating a solid piece of aluminum. This allows for intricate details in every single part of the furniture. These parts are then welded together.


We stock brands such as Hanamint, Castelle, Woodard, Woodard Landgrave, Cast Classics and Agio. These brands are high quality with stronger welds, thicker powder coat finishes, more durable fabrics and are much more comfortable to sit in. We have the largest selection of cast aluminum patio furniture in the Carolinas. We also have the ability to custom order from many of these manufactures.

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Casual aluminum patio furniture has a more basic design than its counterpart cast aluminum. The arms of each piece are usually a simpler and cleaner look with the extrusions being very uniform. These types of patio sets often use a sling, cushion or straps for the seating. These styles are very popular and a great choice for maximum comfort.

This type of patio furniture still has all the benefits of aluminum – rust free and easy to maintain. Casual aluminum usually cost less than cast aluminum. There is less aluminum used and less labor as well. Having a more transitional style, casual aluminum has become very popular. A great price for a great product.

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Wrought iron patio furniture is a classic and traditional style that has been around for centuries. Wrought iron is extremely strong and durable. These patio sets can last for a hundred years or more! Many of our customers have had wrought iron sets handed down to them from grandparents and great grandparents. These traditional looks will never go out of style.

Wrought iron requires more maintenance than aluminum patio furniture. Wrought iron can eventually rust. It is important to address the rust by using some sandpaper and touching up the area with paint. Our manufactures of wrought iron include Woodard and Meadowcraft. Both of these are American made and all of their products have a thick powder coat finish applied to them. Wrought iron is also very heavy, making it a good choice for windy areas.

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Patio furniture has been made out of wood since the beginning of time. The changes made have been in the construction techniques and the types of wood used. Here at The Fire House, we choose to only stock the finest wooden patio furniture on the market. Brands such as Kingsley Bate, Royal Teak and Jensen Leisure to name a few. All of our wood furniture manufactures use mortise and tenon joinery. This ensures maximum surface contact for the strongest joints possible. This means your patio furniture will last for an extremely long time without any problems.

Both Kingsley Bate and Royal Teak both use teak to make their patio sets. Teak is a very dense wood and has been used on boats for centuries. Jensen Leisure uses Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) which is a darker colored wood. It is nicknamed iron wood and is actually stronger and denser than teak.

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