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Wicker Furniture

Indoor and Outdoor Wicker

The Fire House Casual Living Store specializes in wicker furniture. We stock many groups of high quality wicker furniture suitable for any area of your home. We have access to many different wicker manufactures, many of which are located here in North Carolina. From indoor wicker to outdoor wicker, stop by one of our stores to see our stocked groups or browse through numerous catalogs for a plethora of options. We have stores located across the Carloinas in Charlotte, Raleigh and Greenville SC. Wicker furniture can be made out of several types of materials. Indoor wicker is usually made of rattan grass, hand woven into beautiful designs with age old techniques. Most of our outdoor wicker is made out of high density resin. It has become very popular and offers a high level of durability. Many of our customers cannot tell the difference between the indoor and outdoor wicker since the outdoor versions have increased greatly in their realist look. Stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today for the largest selection of indoor/outdoor wicker for your home. We will be happy to explain what goes into a higher quality product such as the resin weave, cushion core and fabric.

All weather outdoor wicker is a great option for screened in porches, sunrooms and even uncovered areas. It brings an indoor look to your outdoor area. With major advancements in technology, outdoor wicker has become more and more durable and at the same time better looking with a more realistic feel. There are several types of outdoor wicker. Some companies use natural rattan and add a protective coating to it. This is good for sunrooms, but we would not recommend using it outside. Over time the protective coating will fade, leaving the rattan vulnerable. Also, loom wicker is often used in outdoor covered areas. It will hold up well for a while, but may eventually wear and require some maintenance. Here at The Fire House, we recommend resin outdoor wicker. The brands we carry use a high density resin with the color throughout the strand, giving you an extremely durable product that can be used 100 percent outside, even in uncovered areas. It will not rot. It will not fade. It will last you for many, many years of enjoyment. Also, we use only the highest quality brands of outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella and Outdura. Both of these are made in the U.S.A. Stop by one of our showrooms to see why our resin wicker will outlast our competitions. Durable, beautiful and comfortable, we only carry products that will last for decades.

Indoor wicker furniture has been popular for centuries. Wicker, by definition, is simply a weave or a woven product. Most indoor wicker is made from rattan, a grass that grows in Asia. Master weavers can often take days to weave a single piece of wicker furniture. They create true works of art out of this rattan grass. Indoor wicker is often used in sunrooms. It is a great transition from a more formal living room to a more casual room. Today, more and more synthetic materials are being used to make wicker furniture with. Resins are used in many outdoor wicker set, but often we find our customers prefer these synthetic materials since they are much more durable and long lasting. Also, the fabrics used on outdoor wicker sets are more fade resistant and clean up more easily. This is why many all-weather wicker sets are referred to as indoor/outdoor wicker. Here at the Fire House, we stock many indoor/outdoor wicker sets. We can also order natural rattan wicker sets from several different manufactures, many of which are located in North Carolina. Popular brands such as Braxton Culler make wicker bedroom sets, deep seating sets, dining sets and even upholstered seating sets. Classic Rattan is another manufacture that produces high end wicker furniture. Call or stop by a store today to see all of the options we have available and to get the best prices and service.