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Outdoor Wicker

Outdoor Wicker

All weather outdoor wicker is a great option for screened in porches, sunrooms and even uncovered areas. It brings an indoor look to your outdoor area. With major advancements in technology, outdoor wicker has become more and more durable and at the same time better looking with a more realistic feel. There are several types of outdoor wicker. Some companies use natural rattan and add a protective coating to it. This is good for sunrooms, but we would not recommend using it outside. Over time the protective coating will fade, leaving the rattan vulnerable. Also, loom wicker is often used in outdoor covered areas. It will hold up well for a while, but may eventually wear and require some maintenance. Here at The Fire House, we recommend resin outdoor wicker. The brands we carry use a high density resin with the color throughout the strand, giving you an extremely durable product that can be used 100 percent outside, even in uncovered areas. It will not rot. It will not fade. It will last you for many, many years of enjoyment. Also, we use only the highest quality brands of outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella and Outdura. Both of these are made in the U.S.A. Stop by one of our showrooms to see why our resin wicker will outlast our competitions. Durable, beautiful and comfortable, we only carry products that will last for decades.

Braxton Culler is a large wicker furniture manufacture. They offer both indoor and outdoor wicker. Their outdoor wicker line up consist of many different looks, finishes and fabrics. They break this down into two categories, limited exposure wicker and all weather wicker. The limited exposure wicker is real, natural rattan with a protective coating applied. This is suitable for covered and well protected areas. Over the long haul, there may be more maintenance involved with this type of outdoor wicker. All weather wicker is fully resin strands woven around a resin frame. It is impervious to rot, rain and heavy sun exposure. This type of wicker can be used in areas such as sunrooms, screen porches, covered porches and even around the pool for a unique and casual look. Choose a high quality outdoor fabric such as Sunbrella and you will have this outdoor wicker set for a long time. Braxton Culler has thousands of products for both indoor and outdoor use. Stop by The Fire House today to glance through their catalog and fabrics for tons of customizable options.
Island Collection outdoor wicker is not only beautifully hand crafted, it is the most durable outdoor wicker made today. We have carried this line for more than a decade and this company continues to manufacture quality resin wicker for any outdoor area. This wicker can be placed in full exposure to the sun, rain and any other elements. While it is manufactured for outdoor use, it is beautiful enough to be used in your living room. It starts with an extremely strong and durable frame. Island Collection uses extra thick extrusions of aluminum for all of their framing. These frames are twice as thick as most of the competition. The welds are 360 degree welds giving you a quality product you can enjoy for many, many years. These pieces will not rack over the years, nor will they break. The resin used is high density and will not rot or fade. Also, since the color is throughout the strand, scratches will not show. This outdoor wicker will look as new 10 years from now as the 1st day you own it. We only use the highest quality outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella and Outdura on the cushions. Both are made in the U.S.A. Stop by The Fire House Casual Living Store today to see why this outdoor wicker is the best made!

Kingsley Bate's woven collections have the authentic, natural beauty of outdoor wicker furniture made from organic plant fibers, but none of the typical problems of deteriation when used outdoors. Kingsley Bate outdoor wicker patio furniture is quite simply the finest all-weather wicker available. It resists fading, tearing and cracking even after years of use.

Whitecraft has always been a leader in the outdoor wicker industry. They have manufactured many styles that are well known in the furniture world. Whitecraft was located in North Carolina for many years, but has recently been bought out by one of the best and largest outdoor patio furniture manufactures in the world – Woodard. With the design elements Whitecraft has always had, now backed by some of the best warranties in the business, we have quite a line up to offer. The Saddleback collection has a contemporary flare with many pieces to choose from. Several other collections by Whitecraft are transitional or contemporary. They have also introduced River Run, which is perfect for a mountain home. It appears to be made out of real wood, but is completely resin. Browse through our online catalog or stop by a store today.